ISNR Research Foundation Edit

ISNR is planning a separate non-profit arm whose mission statement is:

The ISNR Research Foundation promotes funding from private donors, foundations, corporations and public sources to support research in neurofeedback and neurotherapy. Its goal is the advancement of the field of neurotherapy.

Studies in key areas, such as ADHD, autism and brain injury will be focused upon. Once the studies are designed, grants will be written to solicit to private, individual and/or corporate foundations who are positioned to donate large sums of money.

We are developing our prolicy and procedures, chartering the legal entity and deciding on a Board of Directors. If you or anyone you know is interested in participating on the charter board for our Foundation, we urge you to contact either Cynthia Kerson or John Nash. We hope to fill the board positions with people who have experience in grant writing, solicitation of grant monies and who are interested in directing studies in the areas mentioned.

This is a very exciting project for ISNR. We expect to be able to fund significant studies that will meet standards for clinical trials that are commonly accepted by the medical and neuroscience communities. Our efforts will help put neurotherapy into the mainstream.

Cynthia Kerson Executive Director

One project that is being worked on for the Research Foundation is a Practitioner Research Network.