ISNR PR ToolkitEdit

A collection of resources for practitioners to promote neurofeedback including letter templates (to M.D.s for instance), powerpoints, brochure templates, key articles on Nf research, and a template for developing your marketing plan. These items were listed in a mindmap contributed by Glenn Wiener (thank you Glenn!). Action items:

  1. decide on the final goal list of included items as a committee- perhaps soliciting our members for opinions on this.
  2. get quotes from professionals who could create such a toolkit.
  3. write a proposal for the board including a budget estimate and expected returns (cost per unit and sales estimates).
  4. once approved coordinate with the professional on the creation of the toolkit.
  5. produce, market and sell the toolkit.

This project will need a project manager once it gets beyond stage 1. If there is a committee member who has a particular interest in shepherding this project to completion we welcome your assistance in this regard. If you have an interest in helping out with any particular step that is welcome as well.