ISNR(/AAPB?) Booth - we discussed several ideas related to a booth that we would take to various professional conferences to promote ISNR/neurofeedback.

   * what is the booth’s purpose?  to promote neurofeedback to end users or to recruit practitioners (aka new members) or both?
   * what conferences will we target attending?  3 was the number that was discussed - Amer Psychiatric Assoc?  Amer Psychological Assoc?  Neurology?  Neuropsychology? Occupational Therapy?  Child and Adolescent Psychiatry?  CIC??  EEG Institute?

Action items:

  1. Decide which 3 conferences to target attending in the next year - get dates, locations and costs.
  2. Request estimates on the cost of a booth.
  3. Decide if we will use funds from renting brochure space to vendors to pay for the booth/conference fees.  If so, then determine a fee schedule and contact vendors to measure their interest.
  4. Write a proposal to the board including the targets, costs and expected revenues.
  5. Once approved coordinate with the booth vendor to bring the project to completion.
  6. Recruit persons to personnel the booth at the target conferences (ongoing)

This project will need a project manager once it gets beyond stage 1. If there is a committee member who has a particular interest in shepherding this project to completion we welcome your assistance in this regard. If you have an interest in helping out with any particular step that is welcome as well.